Link Exchange Software - Automate Your Link Exchanges
Advanced link exchange software to automate your link exchanges - in conjunction with
  • It's great value just $3.99 per month, thats less than $1 per week!

  • 3 settings for exchanging links:
    Approval required
    Daily updates
    Instant Exchange
    (See user guide for more details)

  • Automatically accepts links and checks for return links - no more time consuming emails.

  • Checks for return link with a spider whenever you wish - returns the link on the reciprocal page so you can see exactly what it says without visiting the site and hunting for your link.

  • Creates static html pages on your site not dynamic pages that webmasters and search engines don't like.

  • You have complete control over all aspects of exchanging links.

  • Returns different anchor text for your link partners to add to their site - it is very important to vary the way sites link to you.

  • Writes any number of links to a page and then creates a new page so you can always be well within any requirements regarding the maximum number of links on a page.

  • Have as many links categories as you like!

  • Search features to find your link partners.

We have been exchanging links with other webmasters for years and have used various scripts to try and make the job less time consuming but each script we tried had problems so we decided to have our own script written to do exactly the job we needed.

Why such good value? - This software is provided in conjunction with which is a "not for profit" organisation so we can offer this software at the lowest possible price.

It is easy to get started - we set your account up and you use the script on our server to get your pages looking exactly as you want and then a simple script on your web site copies them over to your site.

Webmasters visit your link directory and exchange links on your site and the new link appears in your directory once our script has verified the return link.

Try out our software for yourself - use our demo software to see how easy and functional it is to use - CLICK HERE.

Setting it up on your site is easy - just follow these steps;

    Step 1 - Make your link directory.
    Step 2 - Upload our test script.
    Step 3 - Apply for your directory.



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Try our link exchange software for a 14 day free trial - you can have people adding links to your directory without any input from you - just monitor the quality of the incoming links.

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Constant stream of new link partners exchanging links with your site without you having to do anything!

Email notification of new link partners.

Safety features to stop your directory being spammed.


Click here to view the user guide page